Integral Development Program for Children

“Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” Luke 2:52

TO GROW in Wisdom

Personal development is directly related to the level of training and innovative and entrepreneurial capacities a child has.

Education is a cornerstone to achieve it and an instrument to access to social opportunities in the future of children.

Education Support Program

  • Remedial classes & academic tutoring.
  • Literacy.
  • “The Club’s Library”

In response to community needs, in 2008 surges the idea of creating a library to reinforce the work of tutoring and literacy, it currently has textbooks from Elementary School, Middle School & High School.

It has become a valuable strategy for promoting the development of the educational community.

Many kids and teenagers have benefited from this valuable resource, having the opportunity to conduct research or simply to expand their knowledge through reading a book.

  • “Computer Academy” Computer center equipped with 12 computers.

Access to information and educational programs opens up possibilities for learning. The “digital divide” points out the differences between different social groups in access to technology. In Guatemala, the gap is huge, for a large proportion of the population using a computer or internet is not common.

The “Computer Academy” is providing the following services:

  • Computer science courses for all levels of the Transcend educational community
  •  School research Center, via the Internet and virtual library
  • Transcend School (Long-term project).

TO GROW in Stature

It involves caring for the body of the children and to promote their health, it is about healthy nutrition, shelter, recreation and play, among other conditions.

Preventive Health Care Program.

  • Quarterly Health care appointments

Feeding Program.

  • Daily nutritious breakfast

The census on the food practices in the homes of the children and teenagers of The Club, showed that 80% of households meet only 2 meals a day. The diet is based in beans, tortillas and coffee, which directly affects the state of malnutrition of many of them and the poor school performance.

They can’t be expected good results in malnourished children, so that integral development efforts are hampered by poor diet.

To overcome this obstacle, from February 2010, children are being provided with a nutritious breakfast, Monday through Friday before getting to school. in average, 125 breakfasts are being served daily. This helps to improve the nutritional health of the community and consequently to improve the standard of living.

Sports & Recreation Program.

  • Soccer Practice
  • The Club Fair

TO GROW in Spirit

It is about God’s influence on the heart, and His reflect on every aspect of the life of the children and teenagers.

Guide them to a deep and close relationship with God.

The Saturday Club.

  • Bible school

TO GROW in Relationships

Promote a meaningful relationship with the community in which the child lives and develops.

Children who enjoy love, care, admiration, solidarity and sympathy from and for others, so necessary for all human development.

Socialization activities

  • Group visits of U.S. missionaries

Recreation activities

  • The Club Fair
  • Excursions